Capitol Day/Leadership Conference: A Success!

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NEWSFLASH – May 10, 2017
From: Roy Hanson and Nathan Pierce — Family Protection Ministries

This past February was Family Protection Ministries’ Capitol Day and Christian Home Educators Association’s Leadership Conference. Capitol Day has been held by FPM in Sacramento at the beginning of each new two-year legislative session for the past three decades. This year, CHEA joined us in Sacramento and hosted a homeschool Leadership Conference in conjunction with Capitol Day. An outstanding team of homeschooling families and homeschool leaders were able to join us making this year’s Capitol Day a great success.

The goal of Capitol Day is to provide information about private home education to our California state legislators and their staff in a friendly, professional manner. This also allows them the opportunity to visit with real homeschool families.

Our Capitol Day volunteers visited each of the 120 legislators’ offices, providing each office with an information packet about private homeschooling. These packets help explain private home education as well as provide research showing that privately home-educated children do very well compared to students from the public schools.

Capitol Day serves several purposes:
1. It informs this year’s newly elected legislators and their staff and reminds the veteran legislators of the benefits of private homeschooling.
2. It strengthens our working relationship with them on a professional level.
3. It leaves them with a way to contact us if they ever have any questions about home education.

This biennial event is especially vital for the many new legislators and their new aides who have not yet become familiar with private home education. In fact, a significant number of the legislators and their aides had no idea how private homeschooling works, either practically or legally, or that there are homeschoolers in their districts. These visits go a long way toward helping them see that homeschoolers are good, law-abiding citizens that are living and working in their districts.

This year we had some incredible opportunities. Wednesday evening we had Senator Joel Anderson and Capitol Pastor Frank Erb speak. On Thursday morning, Lance Christensen, the Chief of Staff for Senator Moorlach spoke followed by training with Nathan Pierce and Evan Pope. At the Capitol, Assemblyman Gallagher met with the group before we handed out packets and had a Capitol tour. On Friday morning, attendees had the opportunity to share their experiences with one another about their visits to legislative offices. We concluded with hearing from Legislative Education Consultant Robert Becker. Capitol Day was not only essential to informing our representatives about private home education, but it was also a fun and educational experience.

On Friday, CHEA’s Leadership Conference began as Nathan Pierce joined with other speakers, including Susan Beatty, Rebecca Kocsis, John and Shirley Calabretta, Mary Schofield, and Jim and Judy Davis. This was a very encouraging event focused on passing the baton of homeschool leadership to the next generation.

Our thanks go to all who participated in Capitol Day 2017 and to each of you who support our work. You will not want to miss our next Capitol Day, which will take place in early 2019.

We are continually working hard to preserve our God-given freedoms in the California Legislature!

Permission given to forward this Newsflash unaltered to your friends, church, school, and group.

This Newsflash was sent out by:
Roy Hanson and Nathan Pierce
Family Protection Ministries
PO Box 730
Lincoln, CA 95648

Remember to Vote!

NEWSFLASH – May 19th, 2016
From:  Roy Hanson — Family Protection Ministries
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On Tuesday, June 7th, between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., we have the opportunity to go to the polls, exercise our God-given responsibilities and rights, and send a message concerning the direction that our government should take over the course of the next few years. The moral fabric of our nation and our liberties are in great peril.
Are you properly registered to vote for the upcoming June 7th Primary Election? You or your eligible children should (re)register if:
  • you have moved or changed your name since the last election in which you voted
  • you are unsure if you are properly registered
  • your child or you will turn 18 years old by the next election
The deadline for registering to vote is this coming Monday, May 23rd.
Registration Details 
Registration forms are available at a variety of places: libraries, post offices, city halls, many county offices, and offices of political candidates and political parties. There is no way to register on-line and we do not recommend requesting a voter registration form on-line from the Secretary of State’s office. This on-line request process is cumbersome and could take up to 30 days just to get your blank registration form in the mail.
Your signed and completed voter registration form for your current address must be received by the Registrar of Voters no later than May 23rd to be eligible to vote in the upcoming Primary Election on June 7th. The earlier you register to vote, the more likely you are to receive your voter pamphlet and sample ballot in time to prepare to vote.
Voting by Absentee Ballot (also known as “Vote-by-Mail ballot”) 
Voting by absentee ballot allows you to take your time when marking your ballot, and vote wherever is convenient for you, such as your home. It also assures you that no last minute emergency will keep you from casting your important vote.
Absentee ballots for the important June 7th Primary Election must be requested by May 31st. May 31st is the last day that the Registrar of Voters will accept requests through the mail for absentee ballots.
If you want an absentee ballot and have not registered to vote yet, please register as soon as possible so that you can complete the absentee ballot process before Election Day, June 7th. 
Here are some ways to request an absentee ballot:
  1. You can fill in the absentee ballot request on the back of your sample ballot. 
  2. You can request Permanent Absentee Voter status on this same form. If you have already done this, you should have already received your absentee ballot by mail.
  3. You can also obtain an absentee ballot from your county’s Registrar of Voters in person up to and including June 7th.
  4. You can request an absentee ballot by letter or fax from your county Registrar of Voters. When making your request, include the following information:
a)    a short statement saying that you are requesting an absentee ballot
b)    your name as you are registered to vote
c)    your legal (physical) address, as registered
d)    the address to which you want the absentee ballot mailed
e)    your contact phone number
f)     your date of birth
g)    your signature
If you forget to mail in your absentee ballot on time, you can hand deliver it to your local or any polling place in the county in which you are registered or turn it in to your county Registrar of Voters before 8 p.m. on Election Day, June 7th. If you need someone else to hand deliver your absentee ballot, you may authorize a relative or a person residing at your address to do so by filling out the appropriate spot on the envelope that accompanies the ballot that you received by mail.
Additional questions about absentee ballots can be answered by your local Registrar of Voters, which you can locate by clicking here.
Important Election Dates
  • May 23, 2016 – Last day that the Registrar of Voters will accept new registrations to vote in the June 7, 2016 Primary Election.
  • May 31, 2016 – Last day that the Registrar of Voters will accept mailed requests for absentee ballots. However, you can obtain an absentee ballot from your county’s Registrar of Voters in person up to and including June 7th.
  • June 7, 2016 – ELECTION DAY! Be sure to vote to defend your precious freedoms!
Information about voting and elections is also available at the web site for the Secretary of State:
Other Important Items:
If you do not have enough information to vote on a particular issue or office, you can leave that space blank and vote on the rest.
Initiatives/propositions, such as many so-called campaign reform measures, are not always what they appear to be. All bond issues, for example, involve government borrowing at interest from the future, putting additional burdens of indebtedness on our children rather than living within our means. When there are initiatives/propositions on your ballot, read each proposition carefully, including the “for and against” positions before voting.
Beware of Slate Mailers! “Slate mailers” are election pieces that list a number of candidates and/or propositions to vote for or against. Some slates are legitimate and very helpful, but many are deliberately designed to deceive voters. For example, one slate in a previous election looked like it came from one political party, but it had several ballot propositions listed with positions opposite of that party. Any candidates or propositions with an asterisk by them have paid to advertise on that slate. You may want to consider throwing slate mailers out unless you are convinced that you know the philosophy of the people who produced them and you agree with that philosophy.
It is easier to be involved in electing good legislators than it is to fight every bad piece of legislation that comes up in the course of a year.
Be a faithful steward of the freedoms God has entrusted to us. Protect your rights and liberties – get involved in the election process. Register to vote, support good candidates, and vote on June 7th.
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This Newsflash was sent out by
Roy Hanson
Family Protection Ministries
PO Box 730
Lincoln, CA 95648
Permission given to forward this Newsflash unaltered to your friends, church, school, and group.
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Victory – AB 713 Stopped!


From:  Roy Hanson–Family Protection Ministries and Mike Smith–HSLDA

Bill:  AB 713 (Weber) Mandatory Kindergarten

AB 713 has been stopped in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

We are thankful to God and for all who participated in winning this tremendous victory!

We have strongly opposed AB 713. Thank you for your important prayers and phone calls that played a key part in this victory!

The Senate Appropriations Committee did not vote to approve AB 713 by the deadline for passing bills out of committee this year. AB 713 cannot be acted on again until next year (2016).

AB 713 would mandate Kindergarten for all students before they can enter the first grade, adding another year of schooling before graduation.

AB 713 endangers children by both putting them in harms way of the negative effects of forced earlier entrance into formal education and by removing the current right of parents to protect their children from these dangers.

We at FPM and HSLDA invested a considerable amount of time, energy, and resources in stopping this bill. We worked to educate legislators and their staff on the dangers of AB 713. FPM’s Nathan Pierce led our “on the ground” opposition at the Capitol through meetings, testimony in committee hearings and distributing opposition letters. We appreciate the key role of CHEA and other organizations who worked to obtain this victory.

No further action is required on AB 713 this year.

***** ***** ***** *****

Permission given to forward this Newsflash unaltered to your friends, church, school, and group.

This Newsflash was sent out by

Roy Hanson and Nathan Pierce

Family Protection Ministries

PO Box 730

Lincoln, CA 95648

SB 277 Vaccine Law – No Change This School Year

We are not attorneys and we are not giving out legal advice. HSLDA is available to answer legal questions for their members.

SB 277 will not go into effect until July 1, 2016. That means no changes in the mandatory vaccination law for this new 2015-2016 school year, this fall. The current mandatory vaccination law and forms used this past year will continue to be in effect until July 1, 2016.

Children enrolled in a home-based private school or any other type of school will need to have the personal beliefs exemption form CDPH 8262 signed by an authorized health care provider and filed to be exempt from vaccines required for school attendance for this new 2015-2016 school year, which for most people begins August or September of this year, 2015.

We and HSLDA will be researching and providing information on how this new law (which goes into affect next year) will affect private homeschoolers.

This document is not intended to be, nor does it constitute the giving of legal advice. If you have further specific questions regarding this or any other legal issue please contact HSLDA as a member (540) 338-5600 or


Filing the Private School Affidavit 2014-2015 School Year

October 1, 2014

The Private School Affidavit (PSA) is now available on the California Department of Education’s web site at Private schools, including single-family home-based schools (homeschoolers), can proceed to file their affidavits.

We have reviewed the affidavit in consultation with HSLDA and it appears to be essentially the same as last year. The only change was that the content of question #16 was completely changed from relating to school classification to a question about special education services. This question can just be left at the default answer “no”.

Do not contact any public school official about filing an affidavit. Also, while the California Department of Education (CDE) provides some information related to homeschooling on their website, any explanations or suggestions that are not explicitly in the law are only someone’s opinion and can be ignored.  For instance, the CDE has held the erroneous position that private schools are either businesses or non-profit organizations.

For legal questions, we at FPM urge you to refer to Home School Legal Defense Association’s website and if you have further questions, call them as a member at (540) 338-5600 (apply now to join or renew your membership).  For general information on private homeschooling in California see our (FPM’s) Legal Fact Sheet ( and CHEA’s An Introduction to Home Education (

We thank God that we still retain our freedom to educate our children at home privately under the private school exemption.  As of the writing of this newsletter, no laws have changed affecting the legality of private home education in California.  The information in our Legal Fact Sheet on our website is current and accurate.


Before You File

Parents who are withdrawing at least one child from a public school or a private campus school to begin homeschooling can help avoid unnecessary legal contacts by following the instructions in our article Withdrawing Your Child From School.


Age of Required School Entry

California’s compulsory attendance laws, as they apply to this 2014-2015 and following school years, require that children be enrolled in a school at the beginning of the school year in which they turn six on or before September 1st of the year in which the new school year begins (i.e., a child who turns six on or after September 2, 2014 does not need to be formally enrolled in school until the fall of 2015).  A new school year typically begins in either August or September.


Enrolling your compulsory-age child in a private school (whether home-based or campus-based) that has filed a current private school affidavit exempts your child from compulsory attendance at a public school, according to California Education Code Sections 48222 and 33190.

Even though the term “homeschool” is becoming more commonly used throughout our state, the nation, and the media, there is no legally-defined entity known as a “homeschool” in California law.  In order to be consistent with the law of our state, we do not use the term “homeschool” with public school officials.  California is one of twelve states in which homeschoolers operate as private schools.  Private schools can be legally established and operated in the home just as some private schools operate on a campus.

County offices of education and school districts do not have any legal authority to go beyond simply verifying the filing of the affidavit, such as during an investigation of alleged truancy.  Neither can they require private schools, regardless of whether they are campus-based or home-based, to furnish material that they are not legally required to furnish.  Any additional information requested (e.g., “proof” that the teachers are “capable of teaching,” their course of study, etc.) can only be required by court order.  Members of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) should follow HSLDA’s directions on all legal questions.


While no laws have changed and establishing a home-based private school remains legal, confusion about or opposition to private homeschooling in some counties and local school districts is expected to continue.  There is still the possibility that some local school districts could try to investigate homeschoolers.  Additionally, a few parents who are homeschoolers have been falsely reported in the past for alleged child abuse or neglect.  While the frequency of these reports is lower for homeschooled children than for children attending campus schools, it is still a threat for which every homeschooler should be prepared.


Membership in HSLDA is absolutely vital regardless of the size of the private home-based school in which your child is enrolled.  Please encourage every family who is already a member of HSLDA to keep their membership current!  We strongly recommend that you apply for (or renew) your membership with HSLDA as soon as possible and before you file your affidavit.  You can join HSLDA at any time but you must do so before you receive a legal contact.


Join the Home School Legal Defense Association for only $120/12 months.  HSLDA also has discounted rates, including those that are available to members of CHEA and other HSLDA discount groups.  Contact HSLDA, at P.O. Box 3000, Purcellville, VA 20134; Phone: (540) 338-5600; or


When To File

California Education Code (E.C.) Section 33190 requires that every private school file a private school affidavit with the Superintendent of Public Instruction (California Department of Education – CDE) between October 1 and 15 each year.  If anyone establishes a new private school at any time after October 15th, they can file an affidavit at that time.


Who Should File

If you have a child who is six years old or older by September 1, 2014 and not yet 18 years old, and you are establishing your own private school in your home, you will need to file a private school affidavit this year.  This must be done in order to be legally recognized as a private school in California and for your children to be exempt from having to attend a public school.

Families enrolled in any Out-of-State school or program are still required by state law to be enrolled in a California private school (single home-based or satellite program/PSP) with a California address for its physical location.  It is unnecessary and unwise to voluntarily mention enrollment in out-of-state schools/programs to public school officials.  It is not illegal in California to be enrolled in an out-of-state program.  These programs may serve as a source of curriculum or services but not as a means of legal compliance with the private school law.

If you are joining a California-based private school satellite program (PSP) or “umbrella” program for homeschool families, you should not file your own affidavit because the administrator of the PSP is responsible for filing an affidavit on behalf of all pupils enrolled in their private school.

On your Private School Affidavit, where you are asked to enter the “Range of students’ ages”, do not indicate enrollment of any children who are under 5 years of age.  The reason for this is that the California Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division, rather than the Department of Education, has jurisdiction over the licensing of all private preschools and daycare centers for children younger than four years and nine months of age.  The California Code of Regulations, Title 22, Division 12, Chapter 21 contains the regulations for the licensing, evaluation, and employee qualifications for such private preschools and daycare centers.

Also, while you will notice that there is a space for the number of students enrolled in kindergarten, it is important to recognize that kindergarten is not mandatory in California this coming 2014-2015 school year.  Therefore, if you have a child who is younger than compulsory school age (is not age 6 by September 1, 2014 and whom you may consider being at a kindergarten or first grade level, you are not required to enroll him in your school or count him on your school’s affidavit.

The passage of AB 1444 will not affect any schools or students this 2014-2015 school year. Update: AB 1444 was vetoed by Governor Brown.

Schools in which kindergarteners are enrolled are routinely contacted by the Health Department to verify immunizations and school entry health exams.  Therefore, for this 2014-2015 school year, we recommend that homeschoolers avoid the extra paperwork by not enrolling their children formally into their schools until they reach the age of compulsory attendance.

As previously noted, California’s compulsory attendance laws currently only require that children be enrolled this current 2014-2015 school year if they turn six on or before September 1, 2014.  This means that a child who turns six on or after September 2, 2013 2014, does not need to be formally enrolled in school until the next year, when your 2015-2016 school year begins (usually in August or September).  You may, of course, teach your children who are under compulsory attendance age at home.  They simply are not formally a part of your private school and are not to be included in the number of enrolled students indicated on the affidavit form.


How To File An Affidavit

The Private School Affidavit form for the 2014-2015 school year is will be available online again this year at the CDE’s website ( for filing during the regular October 1-15 filing period.

Rather than duplicating efforts, we are referring you to HSLDA’s excellent step-by-step instructions on filing the private school affidavit. For detailed instructions for filing the affidavit, go to the HSLDA website at


Legal Contacts

As mentioned above, parents who are withdrawing at least one child from a public school or a private campus school to begin homeschooling can avoid one unnecessary legal contact by following the instructions in our article Withdrawing Your Child From School.

If a public school official were to contact you to see if your child is enrolled and in regular attendance at a private school, your responses should be courteous and professional. If they already have the name of your child, you can confirm that the child is enrolled and is in regular attendance in your private school. Otherwise, parent teachers of home-based private schools, as well as administrators of private school satellite programs (PSPs), should keep the names of their students and families confidential.

HSLDA members should always follow the counsel of HSLDA and call them anytime they are contacted about their homeschooling by public officials.


Private schools with five or fewer students have not been listed in the California Private School Directory (which lists K-12 private schools in the state) since 1990. This is due entirely to budget restrictions on compiling information on small private schools and in no way affects the legal status of your small private school based in your home.


It is important to remember that the affidavit is not an application requiring approval, but is only a “notice of operation.” This affidavit, which serves as a notice of operation, does not require you to reveal the names of your children or the names of the students in your school.


This article was written in consultation with attorneys at HSLDA. For legal questions we encourage you to contact HSLDA as a member at (540) 338-5600.

This document is available at for your use personally or for distribution.


(Permission is given to duplicate unaltered and complete.)

HSLDA – The Homeschooler’s Preeminent Legal Resource

By Roy Hanson, Jr.
January 2010

Homeschooling has come a long way in the past quarter of a century.

In 1980, home schooling was illegal in 30 states. In 1983, the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) was founded by attorneys Michael Farris and J. Michael Smith to help the growing number of homeschoolers who were facing legal challenges throughout the Nation.

In 1985, the Dejonges, a homeschooling family in Michigan, had truancy charges filed against them because they were not certified teachers, as was required at that time by Michigan law. HSLDA defended the Dejonge family all the way through the Michigan courts until HSLDA obtained a successful ruling from the state Supreme Court in 1993. That was when the Michigan Supreme Court finally overturned the last remaining state law that required parents to be certified teachers in order to home school their children. This was a tremendous success for the Dejonges and for every homeschooling family in Michigan and throughout America.

Because of HSLDA’s relentless work in this and other battles, homeschooling has been legal in all 50 states since 1993.

In 1994, an amendment to federal legislation (H.R. 6) would have required all homeschooling parents in America to be certified in order to teach their own children. As soon as HSLDA was warned by a Congressman of this dangerous amendment in Congress, HSLDA alerted all of their members throughout the country. As a result, the Capitol switchboards were completely shut down by telephone calls, and subsequently the teacher certification requirement was removed from the bill.

Members of HSLDA, and non-members alike, continue to benefit from HSLDA’s in-depth experience in working with and protecting private homeschoolers. For over a quarter of a century of work concentrated in the legal sphere of private home education, HSLDA has developed unequaled resources, and invaluable connections within and beyond the homeschooling community. These resources and lines of communication have helped to give HSLDA a long-term proven track record of successes in protecting private homeschooling freedoms and associated parental rights.

More recently, in 2008 here in California, private homeschooling came precariously close to being declared illegal by a California Appellate Court in Los Angeles. HSLDA had the experience, resources, knowledge, and expertise to immediately step up to the plate and successfully coordinate a complex legal strategy, which resulted in victory in the Jonathan L. court case. In August of 2008, after considering the written and oral arguments coordinated by HSLDA, this Appellate Court unanimously declared that California’s parents can homeschool legally as private schools.

God has blessed HSLDA with huge successes in California and across the Nation. No other organization comes close to providing the specialized and successful help for homeschoolers provided by HSLDA. They are the only legal defense association we can recommend to homeschooling parents desiring to protect their families and freedoms in homeschooling. We recommend them very highly.

You can contact HSLDA at (540) 338-5600 or

Additional Resources:
Why Do We Need a Legal Defense Association? Published by CHEA of California.